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Write-ups about recent projects and experiences.

Takt - a mini-doc and music performance of an underground East Coast hip hop artist

I met Takt, along with some other exemplary members of the Sessions at the PM crew, Physical Graffiti and En'Mc, about two years ago at a concert we hosted at our old space in Kutztown. From my first communications with Physical in setting up the show, to finally meeting them all in person before they started, I knew we were in for a great night. And by great night, I don't just mean musically. They brought an atmosphere, and a way of thinking that really resonated with me.

I put on shows at our space so that we could connect with people in the best way possible...in person and with love. No matter who you were, it was a welcome space for all ages and cultures to come and experience beauty, love, and art for a few hours on the weekend. Takt and the rest of the crew seemed like they put out music for very similar reasons. 

After the show, we stayed in touch. Mostly to talk about potential projects that we could collaborate on. It took a while to line up schedules, but finally in June 2016, my brother Adam and I drove up to Union City, NJ and met Takt and band members (Marc-drums and Grand Kemist-samples) as they were rehearsing in the storage facility that Marc works at. The goal was to record some live tracks, and get some interview clips so that we could tell the story of Takt and Sessions at the PM.

This video was meant to be a pilot of sorts, so it's pretty rough around the edges. I'd love to keep making these and highlight other artists and members of society that share the same love for life. I felt like Takt was the perfect individual to set the tone for this type of series. If anyone would like to get involved on future projects, please click my contact page and introduce yourself!